Iced over

David K. Israel

Via popgadget, we bring you a shocking new product from a company called Water Bank of America: Ice Rocks, or secured ice cubes, which, as their website states, were "designed to address the salubrity needs, specific to various types of activities worldwide."

Now, while it's true these purified frozen blocks also come in a Chivas Regal "Scotch Rocks" variety (though it's hard to tell what the difference is between these and the Ice Rocks), before we all go rolling our eyes, it does seem like the product might have some beneficial use:

The company has teamed up with the Red-Cross and will be supplying their patented cubes in places where impure water is of concern.

For more on that, you can check out, and hey, no matter what you think of this product, it seems to me you have to give it up for a company that's using the word "salubrity" on its website.