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How much do you think the insurance costs?


While working on our upcoming cover story on "The Future" (more about that later today from Mangesh), I ran across the Transition, which was the closest thing I'd ever seen to a flying car. The closest, at least, until I found this on the Cellar:

It's the Aerocar, the flying car of a future long since past. The Cellar says: "There were only six of these ever built, and at a rather slow rate. The one shown here was finished in 1960, the fourth one. It turns out that, according to Wikipedia entry on the car, the third one was once ridden by that Raul Castro - Fidel's brother, and the guy currently running Cuba. Unfortunately for Raul, it ran out of fuel and crashed. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, it only damaged the vehicle and not Castro himself."