THIS WEEK'S CONTEST: Design our 5th Anniversary Cover already!

Mangesh Hattikudur

That's right, after 5 years of hard labor at the Floss Factory, the mental_floss cover team is ready for a breather. In fact, for just one cover, we'd love to sit on the bench and watch as our fans lend a hand in the process. That's why mental_floss has teamed up with the folks at (a.k.a. the Rolls Royce of Photoshopping Contests), to let you design our cover. The theme of the issue is The Future (the future of medicine, the future of the environment, the future of education, etc.), and if you submit the cleverest design of the bunch, there's actually a paycheck in your future. mental_floss is going to make the winner of the contest $500 richer, and give out prize packages to the top 3 runners-up. Plus, all the winners will be featured on the website and in the magazine. So, go ahead and enter already! And if we like your cover enough, you might just see it on the newsstands.

So, who wants to be a $500-dollarinaire? Click here to enter the contest immediately.

Note: all contestants have to enter via the site. Voting begins on Sept. 19th, and the clock's ticking!