Plane Intelligence

Mangesh Hattikudur

According to ThisisLondon, a new smart plane is under development to serve as a last barrier of defense against terrorists and hijackers. The highly secured airplane is part of a 4-year, 35.8 million Euro ($45.5 million U.S.) effort to create safer skies. The plane's many projected features include:

  • Fingerprint technology and sophisticated biometric systems to ensure that only certified pilots are in control
  • The computer system in the plane will override signals if a plane is being veered towards a tall building or mountain, and instead set the course for the nearest airport.
  • A chip based system will match passengers to luggage, and an "electronic nose" will be used to scan for explosives before take off.

Plus dozens of other features. More than 100 aviation experts from 31 countries are participating in this effort, and while they all concede that there will never be a way to completely eliminate the threat of sophisticated hijackers, the developments seem very positive. Click here to read more, via TheRawFeed.