The First Half of the Story

Jason English

"Don't piss away half your money, head to"

During the loudest stage of the dot-com boom came perhaps the first urinal cake advertisement. While funny and memorable, was only playing to half the crowd. They needed to look outside the loo.

So they decided to buy a town.

In 1999, for a little cash and some computers, Halfway, Oregon, became Population 337.

Not all new Half.comers were pleased. Carpenter Bruce Honeyman said it best, to The New York Times: "Everything in the world seems to be going into Internet lingo. It's crazy and ridiculous."

Six months and a forest of press coverage later, eBay bought "“ the company, not the sleepy village "“ for $312.8 million.

But what happens after the years have gone by, the founders have cashed out, and the novelty has worn off? Design Observer has done the digging, and has the second half of the story.