Where in the world is Torrimpietra?


Yesterday I noticed that we had seven readers in a city I'd never heard of -- Torrimpietra, Italy. Best I can tell from some Googling, it looks a little like this picture (and if that's the case, Torrimpietran readers, you've got a new best friend who wants to come stay with you). But I really can't seem to find all that much more information, except for this bittersweet story of a local Nazi resister who was recently considered for sainthood:

As a young police officer, Salvatore D'Acquisto was assigned to Torrimpietra, Italy, not far from Rome. On September 21, 1943, an incident occurred in which a German soldier was killed and two others wounded. Although the deaths seem to have been caused by an accidental explosion, Nazi officials labeled it an attack by the resistance, and the next day they rounded up 22 local residents, selected at random, to be shot in reprisal. D'Acquisto, arriving on the scene of the proposed executions, assumed responsibility for the German deaths, and was executed by a Nazi firing squad.

If you're still out there, Torrimpietran folks, tell us about your city; we'd love to know more.