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Now this is what I call controversial

Ransom Riggs

Michael Moore's got nothin' on these guys. Brit network Channel 4 has just inked a deal with American distributors to release Death of a President, which uses CGI and preexisting footage of our own G. Dubya to construct a fictional account of his assassination. (Apparently they digitally grafted the prez's face onto an actor's body. Reminds me of a French woman.) Sure to ignite a firestorm of controversy -- in fact, its producers are counting on it -- the story has Dick Cheney taking office in Bush's place, then using the assassin's Syrian nationality as a pretext for invading Syria.

User comments on IMDB already run the political gamut. One user wrote "Fascinating, but not as exciting as if it really happened," while another responded to the film's British producers more directly: "Shame on you! I used to be proud that my ancestors were from England, but I'm not so sure now." Yikes -- this one's gonna be messy.