Speed geeks

David K. Israel

If you're like me, you hate waiting for your browser to load pages. Sometimes the problem originates with the site's server, other times it's your server, or your connection speed. If you're also like me, you need to know if the hi-speed connection you're shelling out the big bucks for every month is delivering what your provider promised.

Well here's a great new site that makes it fun to find out: Speedtest.net. Though still in its BETA infancy, it works pretty well. I discovered the site through the good geeks over at Forevergeek.com and took the test a few times, just to make sure the results were consistent, which they were.

If you're wondering what average is: according to Comscore.com, in 2004, the average download speeds in the nation for DSL and cable, respectively, were 861 kbps and 2,178 kbps. (kbps = kilobit per second)

Though one of forevergeek's commenting-geeks posted a down speed of 21,993! Then again, he admitted he was testing from work. Obviously large firms are going to outperform vis-à-vis home setups, any day.