Us against the world

Jason English

If you owned a trendy boutique and found yourself in a PR drought, how would you get back in the spotlight? Create a new fall line? Buy a city? Nah. You sue for it.

The LA Times reports today on the lawsuit Kitson has filed against US Weekly. The celebrity magazine is accused of intentionally excluding photos and mentions of the L.A. shop. This sin of omission is costing Kitson $10,000 per week, says founder Fraser Ross.

Earlier this year, Ross sued the magazine's parent company after top editor Ken Baker allegedly failed to pay for a charity event held at Kitson. So this might not be as crazy as it sounds. Regardless, the spotlight is back.

If you or your organization is preparing a suit alleging a lack of coverage in this fine publication, we can work something out. Why do you think we include that Suggest a Topic/Link button up top?