Don't make love = don't make war


The gangsta molls of Pereira, Colombia, have apparently decided to stage a real-life version of Lysistrata, the play by Aristophanes in which the women of Sparta, Boeotia, and Corinth withhold sex in order to end the Peloponnesian War:

In what is being called a "strike of crossed legs", supported by the Pereira mayor's office, the wives and girlfriends of gang members have said they will not have sex with their partners until they vow to give up violence. ... The women yesterday launched a rap song that will become the strike's anthem. "As women we are worth a lot. We don't want to fall for violent men because with them we lose too much," Ms Bayer sang down the telephone to the Guardian. She said the men had laughed about the strike but would soon see it was serious. The women were not worried that frustration would lead to violence against them by their partners. "They wouldn't do that to us," Ms Bayer said.

I'm not sure what amuses me most here: the idea of using sex for a good cause, the blithe innocence with which the women trust their ultraviolent partners, or the idea of a rap song about not having sex. Anyone got an MP3 of this?