The Raw Feed is reporting that the Japanese have outdone us again, this time by computerizing their mattresses! Apparently, Panasonic will be selling this thin slice of heaven for $2200 in October. And while the price tag isn't exactly dreamy, the experience seems to be. But what makes the mattress so great? Well, heaters for one thing. The system is equipped to either warm up your entire body, or just your feet if you like. It's also souped up with "eight programmable airbags, which adjust and change height and shape based on your different phases of sleep." Also, instead of using an alarm clock, the mattress gently coaxes you out out of a sleep by raising your back and shoulders. Being a chronic snooze button abuser, I could definitely see that feature coming in handy. Being a chronic cheapskate, though, I'll probably wait to get my hands on one. Click here to read more.