Sugar High

Jason English

Yesterday, we posted about The Condiment Packet Museum. But don't bother clicking if your interest is sugar packets. The curators say sugar packets have been done to death elsewhere. And they're not kidding.

Sucrology is the hobby of collecting you know what. Here are links to websites maintained by a few of the most ardent collectors:

+The Miller Family of Greenfield, Indiana, has a very comprehensive look at the sugar packet trade. This sentence sums it up beautifully: "What do you need to start? Really only some sugar packets."

McPlane.jpg /

+Ernest Craddock offers tips on building your collection, such as "how to avoid the waiters/waitresses beady eye." Another nugget: "your collection might well turn out to be your personal hedge against inflation."

sugarpackets01.jpg /

+And finally, most of the fan sites link back to The U.K. Sucrologists Club. So I will too.