Karaoke 2.0


In Japanese, karaoke means empty orchestra. Around the world, this popular passion translates to packed bars. Greased by liquid courage, firemen and paralegals and designers are transformed into superstars.

But let's say you're lacking in the pipes department, a little on the reticent side, and don't have room for a bulky karaoke machine.

Well, now you can plug one into your iPod. CoolHunting points us to iKaraoke, developed by Griffin Technology.

"iKaraoke sends the music from your iPod to your stereo minus the lead vocals, so you can step up to the mic and sing the lead in your favorite tunes."

Let's hope Griffin learned from Daisuke Inoue's mistakes. Inoue, who invented the karaoke machine in 1970, did not seek a patent, and makes nearly nothing off the booming industry.

I say "nearly" because Inoue does sell a bug repellent that keeps away the rats and cockroaches. While you know it kills him, he puts on a good show: "I am its natural parent. But, having given birth to karaoke, I abandoned it."