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Contest: Reduce idiocy, one fact at a time!


Oh, what troubled times we live in: our public officials can't pronounce "nuclear" and don't know what the Internet is, our youths confuse their senators with members of Bon Jovi, our celebrities are... well... you get the point. So this week, and from now on, we're making it our mission to reduce idiocy -- and we need your help!

To win this week's prize (a fabulous tool for cutting down on ignorance if ever there was one), send us the most egregious example of idiocy you've heard lately -- the biggest, dumbest mistake someone's made, and the correct thing they should have said. We'll use the tips in our brand-new national campaign to (yep) Reduce Idiocy, with the best of them featured daily right here. You can leave your entries in the comments, shoot us an email at, or send 'em here -- and be sure to check out the Reduce Idiocy website, where you can nominate an Idiot of the Week, send an e-card, and revel in a steady stream of stupidity. This is a two-week contest, so if you don't win this first round, don't despair and keep trying!