So you think you can write?


You've got just enough time to work up an entry for the Blogger SAT Challenge, which ends today at noon:

The New York Times recently published sample top-scoring essays from the new written component of the SAT test in order to show the type of work that was likely to score highly. Several bloggers, as well as the Times itself, have noted that the writing isn't exactly compelling. ... Chad laid down the gantlet threw down the gauntlet: Somebody ought to get a bunch of bloggers together, and give them the writing SAT under timed conditions, and see what they come up with. I think you can figure out where this is headed. Chad and I have set up a test for you to use to find out if you can do any better than a bunch of highschoolers.

Click here to take the challenge -- but be warned, your allotted 21 minutes to finish begins the second you do...