Hot Wheels

David K. Israel

Next time you're bored at work, and have grown (momentarily) tired with our groovy blog, swing on over to The Old Car Manual Project "“ it's quite possibly the most fun I've had online since discovering you can see who's looking at your myspace page without them knowing it!

Classic car manuals, pictures, advertisements, and my personal fav: old brochures, all under one hood.

Need the service manual for your 1915 Chalmers Model 26 Touring Car? They've got it! Having trouble with your 1949 Delco brakes (and if they're still installed, I'd be shocked if you weren't)? No worries, here's the original manual. They've even got fun filmstrips for your viewing pleasure.

tipsy_300.jpg /

My favorite brochures belong to cars like the Hudson Hornet, a design that screams "this is what the 50s thought the future would look like." Go check it