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The Week in Review that dare not speak its name


Inspired by Pro-Life (nee Marvin) Richardson, we've decided to re-christen some of the other folks who have populated the blog this week. Ladies and gentlemen, meet...

Aaron Dorkin

The Teenage Drug-Free Ninja Turtles

Charles "You-Know-What-They-Say-About-
Men-With-Big-Feet" Brannock

Jeff "A-Parking-Lot-Is-a-Paradise" Krulik

Cesar "Hit-Me-With-Your-Best-Shot" Lopez

Patricia T. O'Noyoudidn't

Fritz "Who-You-Callin'-Spherical" Zwicky

George "Please-Don't-Hate-Me" Jetson

Benedict "Geez-I-Said-I-Was-Sorry" Arnold

Angelina "Stay-Away-From-Me-David" Jolie

Enjoy your weekends (you too, Angie, we'll make sure David doesn't violate the restraining order).