Public Service Announcement


The toupees are coming! The toupees are coming! We're wigging out, 'cause they're finally in stock.

Four celebrity-inspired BabyToupee models will be available beginning next week at and at select specialty baby retailers with a suggested retail price of $29.99.

BabyToupee's original line of wigs will include:

  • The Donald - "You're hired!! Meet the new CEO of the playgroup.
  • "The Bob - "Mellow dreads for the Rasta inspired infant. No baby, No cry."
  • The Lil Kim - "For your little miss thing... sassy pink locks for the diva in diapers."
  • The Samuel L - "You know what they call a baby wig in Paris? Le Baby Toupee."

We swear, this will be the last thing we say about Baby Toupees. At least for a week or so.