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One more thing you might not know about death


This article on 20 Things You Didn't Know About Death (woo hoo! fun and games, everyone!) has been floating around the blogosphere for some time and we just didn't feel like we could ignore it any longer. It's a fascinating list, actually, but in case you've already seen it, allow us to add Thing #21:

The first known identification of a dead body based on teeth was made in 1776. The deceased, one Dr. Joseph Warren, had been killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill and buried there in a doublewide grave (yep, with some other guy) by the British. Ten months later, his body was removed, examined, and identified by a wire and ivory bridge made to replace a missing canine tooth. The forensic genius doing the IDing was a fellow named Paul Revere -- who, in addition to being a midnight rider, was also Warren's dentist.