The Senate: Even cockier than usual


My friend Fred just wrote a story about a bill stiffening the penalties for animal fighting that made me want to taunt the opposing Congressmen a la Spaceballs: "What's the matter, sir? Chiiiickkkeennn?" Dogfighting is already banned in all 50 states (I assume the same goes for bear-baiting, conger-cuddling, goose-decapitating, et al), and cockfighting is illegal everywhere... except, apparently, for Louisiana and New Mexico. The bill would make it more costly (in a jail-time sense) to transport animals over state lines.

Now, Louisiana, I would have guessed, but New Mexico? (And you're telling me the crazy state of Florida actually doesn't allow this?) Also, I found this tidbit intriguing:

[The legislators] cited their concerns about animal cruelty, violence and criminal conduct associated with animal fights, and the spread of bird flu in cockfights as reasons to pass the bill.

The bird flu! Apparently, cockfights (as well as backyard mini-farms and the popularity of a dish made with duck blood) contributed to the disease's initial spread in Asia last year. Now that's a penalty that ought to scare the ch----ns--t out of cockfighting fans.