All the presidents' hairstyles


First we were all about executive-branch doodles; now it's about the hair. The delightfully witty and Euro-inflected Manolo's Shoe Blog is featuring an appraisal of the top ten presidential manes. The top three:

1. Andrew Jackson — truly and indisputable magnificent hair. Hair so romantic and heroic that even the Beethoven would be jealous. And as one commentor has noted, it is very similar to the hair of the Alexander the Great. 2. Thomas Jefferson — Strong red hair, of the sort that betrays the active and somewhat unconventional mind. Thick, wild and beautiful hair with which to scorn the false periwigs of Europe. 3. Ronald Reagan — Yes, at the end, perhaps there was too much of the Formula of the Grecians, but still it was the most magnificent Irishy hair. Even into his dotage he still had the hair.

For the remaining seven (and to find out who was the first president to use a blowdryer), click here.