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Contest: The Scientific People's Choice Awards


If you read David's post earlier this afternoon, you know that the Ig Nobel Prize Awards are coming up Thursday -- and if you read our 10 Issue, you know we're big fans. (We featured 10 past winners.) But we also feel like maybe the Ig Nobels are a little too exclusive. Who picks the nominees, anyway? What elite club of scientific know-it-alls gets to award the prizes? And why isn't your voice being heard?

People, we think it's time for a revolution. This week, we're letting you nominate your favorite silly science projects in two different categories:

1. Real.
2. Imaginary.

For the first, which is pretty much like the Ig Nobels, send us an example of a completely absurd experiment you've seen in the news lately, the kind of thing that makes you think that clearly, scientists must have solved all of humanity's other problems if they've got time to work on this stuff.

For the second, propose your own ridiculous research project. No need for the full grant application -- just a summary will do.

The deadline is next Sunday at 11:59 eastern, and both winners will get copies of What's the Difference?, as well as the honor of knowing that they are the winners of the first-ever Golden Pocket Protector.