The True Ethnicity of Swedish Fish

Jason English

The other day, a co-worker gave me a handful of Swedish Fish. I haven't had Swedish Fish in years, and now I can't stop thinking about them. It's like having a bad song in your head. Only in this case, instead of a bad song, it's delicious, articifically flavored, gooey candy fish. Apparently, from Sweden.

Turns out, the fish are Swedish. But only in the way that I'm Irish.

The candy was developed in 1957 by Malaco, a Swedish confectionery. They never really caught on in their homeland, but were a huge hit once imported to North America. From the Malaco website:

"In large parts of the USA, Swedish Fish is today as well known brand as other successful Swedish export products like Volvo and Absolut Vodka."

Since the 1990s, "The Original Swedish Fish" have been produced in Canada by the Cadbury Adams company. And if you want to create your own generic version, prepare your hand to be slapped.