Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: 7 booze commercials from the '80s that taste great, are less filling


I'm not going to beat around the bush today, folks. I like beer. I like the '80s. I like commercials. Now let's go YouTubin'...

I think I can safely say -- and you can safely agree with me -- that Miller Lite won the macrobrewery commercial wars of the early 1980s. (It took the Bud Bowl later in the decade to narrow the gap.) John Madden and an endless string of cameo appearances (what, Bronko Nagurski was busy? Oh wait, there he is...) catapult this ad to the heights of RAWK:

And this Miller Lite one is notable mostly for the number of future winners of elective office it includes:

While this is just sad. A suggested subtitle was: What happens when you snort away your SNL money and don't mind dragging the integrity of your parents and future children through the mud for a quick fix. But Miller Lite rejected that at the last minute.

Here's one for all the hip kids and their well honed senses of irony, because as anyone in Williamsburg will tell you, drinking PBR makes you cool:

These next two aren't beer commercials, but they're for booze, they're from the 80s, and they feature...Bruce Willis? The first one's a little steamy, and the second is like a deleted scene from the video for Everything's "Hooch:"

But we can stroll down memory lane for time immemorial, and we will never -- never -- come across a beer ad as good as this one. It's not on YouTube because NBC doesn't like to play nice. But hey, screw them. Play it twice. Show your friends. Ladies and gentlemen... Schmidt's Gay.

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