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Model citizens

David K. Israel

As Mary's fantastic posts point out, we're all about fashion this week here at the _floss. Surely you've been following the heated debate on super-skinny models, who, at the present rate of disappearing waistlines, are in danger of evaporating altogether in a few years time. And though we poke fun, we're certainly concerned as the next person when we hear about tragedies like Luisel Ramos's death during Uruguay's fashion week.

So what's to be done about it? Well, making his own statement on the issue, designer Jean Paul Gaultier sent a seriously plus-sized model down the runway yesterday at his 30th anniversary show in Paris. Perhaps the start of a new trend? Something to get the fashion world back on a healthier track? Or is this just a cheap gimmick? A buzz generator? We always love hearing what you have to say on such controversial issues"¦