Ever since I got a kitten, people have been coming out of the woodwork with cat-rearing advice. The #1 tip I hear? "Don't let her get too fat." According to our vet, a veritable epidemic of kitty obesity is sweeping our fair nation, just as it is the human population. But all that jibber-jabber went out my other ear as soon as I saw these pictures, of enormous -- but apparently not overweight -- cats.

This monster is Leo, the Guiness world record-holder for longest cat. He is 35 pounds and 48 inches tall -- about the size of an eight-year-old child. If he were human, to scale, it would make him 220 pounds and at least seven inches taller than the Houston Rockets' towering 7'5" Yao Ming.


If you can believe it, the cat pictured at left is only two years old. Riley, of the nororiously fluffed-out Maine Coon breed, is a relatively slim 24 lbs. Much smaller, but considerably more sinister, is the kitten pictured below. Can anyone name the famous dictator that the aptly-named "Trouble" most closely resembles (at least, according to this website?)