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Judging by the pitiful number of entries in last week's Weird Science contest, you folks just aren't interested in working for your goodies. So this week we're eliminating the whole "earn it" aspect of the contest and just giving away free stuff. (Don't get too used to it.) We've found some DVDs that fell off a truck acquired five copies of "A Prairie Home Companion," which is new on DVD. By the way, here's our favorite piece of "Prairie Home" trivia, courtesy of IMDB and suitable for deployment at home-viewing parties:

When Kevin Kline's character pops the cork off a bottle of champagne, the cork shoots off-camera and hits director Robert Altman in the forehead. A small cry of "OW!" can be heard and Kline says, "Sorry!" without breaking character.

Anyway, to get your copy, all you have to do is email us at tips-at-mentalfloss.com with:

  • your name
  • your address
  • in honor of the Lake Wobegon effect, why you are "above average" and thus deserve to win your copy.

We'll have a random drawing out of our favorite wooly Minnesota-ish hat (it has earflaps!) if we get an overabundance of entries.