Georgia on my mind


I'm originally from a small town in danger of being swallowed by the urban sprawl of Atlanta, so when I saw this piece about Georgia in the Times, headlined "A Battle for Hearts and Minds Sets Off a Building Boom," I just assumed it was about my hometown. Then I went on to read the opening:

"Until just over two months ago, the Kodori Gorge was a far-flung outpost where local militiamen ruled and its 2,500 residents lived simple but isolated lives, growing grapes and tending pigs far from the government's concerns."

I ranted for a full five minutes -- could this be any more stereotypical? had this reporter ever been to the South, or did he just watch "Deliverance" a few times? -- before I realized he was talking about Georgia, the country.

750x750_georgia_m.gif /

Don't be an idiot like me: there's lots of interesting stuff about that particular Georgia here, such as the fact that Georgia the country predates Georgia the state by about 1,736 years. And if that's not news to you, there's also a quiz.