Celluloid-stumper: Going to 11

David K. Israel

Everyone has his or her favorite Spinal Tap moment: Derek Smalls getting stuck in the plastic pod, David St. Hubbins belting out "Big Bottoms," or, perhaps, any one of the different explanations describing how each of the band's drummers expired.

Of course, just about every scene mocks some actually event or fact from the long, interesting history of rock'n'roll music. Your job in this stumper is to name what and who is being mocked in what I think just might be my favorite scene in the whole movie.

It involves guitarist, Nigel Tufnel and a violin. Check out the photo below and tell us:

Question #1: Who is Nigel mocking?

Question #2: What should Nigel be holding instead of a violin?

Question #3: What song would the answer to Question #1 be playing in this case, for real?

Nigel.jpg /

And hey, if you don't know the answer, we're always happy to hear your favorite scene, too!