Teacher Appreciation Week on mental_floss


Socrates taught Plato, Plato taught Aristotle, Aristotle taught Alexander the Great... history is filled with great teachers (there's a nice bit on those three here). So this week we're celebrating teachers. We'll be talking about famous examples as well as our own personal favorites all week, and we'd like you to join in. Send us tributes to your favorite pedagogical geniuses -- the kindergarten teacher who didn't chastise you for coloring outside the lines, the chemistry teacher who encouraged you to blow things up in the lab, whoever got you to realize that learning was fun. We'll send a copy of Forbidden Knowledge to the person who submits the (a) most inspiring and (b) least treacly story, and heck, we'll throw in an extra copy for the teacher. Deadline, as always, is Sunday night at midnight Eastern, and you can submit your entries via the button at the top of the website or to tips-at-mentalfloss.com. Now, go do your homework!