Thingamajig Thursday: peen

David K. Israel

I wanted to begin today's Thursday Thingamajig by naming the winner of last week's post, where, if you recall, we asked you to come up with a better name for the uninspired "rubber finger pad."

First off: thanks to everyone for all your HIGHLY inspired suggestions. I'll single out two before naming the winner:

Beth, you cracked us up with your "page grabber" and "page aid," noting, and I quote, "These have nothing to do with Mark Foley."

Kudos, also, to our runner up, Sillstaw, who came up with clever portmanteau, "The Thumble." But the winning nod has to go to Andrej, who called it, "Grippumbs." Congrats, Andrej!

I also want to "out" another thingamajig today by naming the OTHER end of a hammer, the claw or ball-end, which is actually called a "peen." This comes from the verb "to peen," which means to straighten or smooth by hammering.

Though the claw is more common (for pulling out old nails and such), there are others, such as the point-peen, ball-peen and chisel-peen hammer, all found at your local hardware store... or, if you happen to be reading this in the UK, at your local ironmonger (which, I'm sorry to say Brits, sounds like a bad heavy metal band to me).