First there was drunk driving, then there was driving-while-cell-phoning, and now there's driving-while-googly-eyed. Honest to God, there is now a matchmaking/missed-connections service for people who are looking for romance on the road. Literally on the road, we mean: You buy a bumper sticker with an ID number, pull onto the highway, bat your eyes, and then wait for prospects to look you up on (Or, of course, you can do some looking up of your own.) has actually been around since January, but it just opened up to gays and lesbians, who now can emblazon their cars with rainbow-colored ID stickers. Which brings up a pressing issue: What do you do if you've got the appropriate sticker and you're gussied to the max (at least from the shoulders up, since that's all anyone's gonna see), but you drive a clunker? Apparently, you'd better trade it in for an Alfa Romeo, and quick. One bonus: Flirting on the road is an easy way to show a potential date that you're fast.