Weekend Word Wrap

David K. Israel

Today's Word Wrap keeps on with our tradition of bringing you the hippest, most happening new words and phrases being coined, as they're coined... well, okay, with at least a 5-second delay, "˜cause, let's face it, a blog that brands itself as SMART certainly don't wanna look all stupid and bleep.

Today's sparkling entries, as usual, are brought to you by the good folk over at wordspy.com

menoporsche (MEN.uh.por.shuh; MEN.uh.porsh) n. Angst and anxiety exhibited by some men upon reaching middle age, especially when those feelings manifest in the purchase of a sports car or an affair with a younger woman. (Citations)

potty whispering n. The technique of training an infant to go to the washroom on cue by associating the act of elimination with a brief word or sound, especially one whispered in the baby's ear.
—potty whisperer n. (Citations)

climate refugee n. A person who has been forced to relocate due to changing climate or to a disaster caused by or associated with climate change. (Citations)

foliologist (foh.lee.AWL.uh.gist) n. A person who is an expert on where and when tree leaves change color during the fall. (Citations)

celebutard (suh.LEB.yoo.tard) n. A celebrity who is or is perceived to be unintelligent. (Citations)

sock puppet n. A fake persona used to discuss or comment on oneself or one's work, particularly in an online discussion group or the comments section of a blog. —adj.—sock puppeteer n.—sock puppetry n. (Citations)

afflufemza n. The tendency to assume that the anxiety and stress felt by affluent mothers who have to choose between staying at home or pursuing a career, is felt by all mothers regardless of their socioeconomic status. (Citations)