Week in Review: Element-ary, my dear readers


I'm still chuckling over our name for the brand-spanking-new Element 118, "Livermoron." So I thought for this week's roundup, I'd come up with some new (vaguely) scientific terms that could be used to describe other phenomena that appeared right here on the blog.

Crustaceambivalence: The psychological ability to think lobsters are adorable but still enjoy eating them. (See also: cognitive dissonance.)

Saiga tatarica bizarro: The name for a funny-looking subspecies of endangered Mongolian antelope. (See also: Phylum Fuglalia.)

Improbinvisibility cloak: The new now-you-see-me, now-you-don't device that's in development but (we're guessing) may never actually exist.

'Nautiquette: A new series of policies developed by NASA.

Gourdectomy: Surgery to remove the innards and viscera of a pumpkin.

Phantom Mind Hypothesis: The only thing that could explain how someone could come up with something like this.

Boorat: A personality type characterized by a clinically-significant obsession with the Sacha Baron Cohen character. (just kidding, we love Borat).

Mikesogyny: A bias against women, accompanied by an urge to punch them.

Population Bomb-diggity: Jingoistic term used by those excited about America hitting the 300 million mark.

Equivoquation: The inability to decide if one is a novelist or a mathematician, as is evidenced by the appearance of equations in one's works of fiction.

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Have a great weekend -- and hey, before you go, sign our Livermoron petition!