So take off all your clothes


I know I've written an awful lot about nude beaches in the last few months -- I'm really not trying to tell you guys anything -- but I had to reprint this classic quote from an AP story about nudist resorts, which are apparently baring all to the public in hopes of not being stigmatized:

One way to do so, a group of residents at Tampa's Paradise Lakes Resort decided five years ago, was to form the world's first nudist Lions Club. Members meet twice a month at the resort's restaurant and raise more than $10,000 each year to buy eye care for the needy and give to the blind. "We've got to raise money from people who don't have pockets," laughed the civic group's 71-year-old president, Bob Moore.

As a sidenote, I was talking to the writer Richard Selzer last week and he told me he likes to have his students write essays on "nakedness vs. nudity." Anyone want to do this up for us, "What's the Difference" style?