Contest: It's "Halloweek" on mental_floss!


Halloween is my very favorite holiday -- and yes, I'll admit to getting into it super-sexy-costume style. (I once dressed up in a red miniskirt, a t-shirt with my name on it, lots of fake blood, and a celery stick in my hair -- voila, "Bloody Mary.") We'll be celebrating on the blog from now right up until the big day. So for this week's contest, your mission is clear: Send us your ghouliest, creepiest, crawliest, coolest, or otherwise awesome-est costume ideas from Halloweens past or present. Three rules:

1. No store-boughts -- we like our ingenuity homemade. Store-bought components are okay, of course, but no showing up as Superman unless you made your cape out of a garbage bag and some red paint.

2. Pictures will help. Also, even if you don't win, we'll have a Halloween parade on the day itself, and you'll be included. (You can email them to us at

3. The deadline is, as ever, Sunday night at the witching hour (Eastern). But we'll be accepting parade entries right up until Monday night at the same eerie time.

Now, off to your sewing machines!