Just like Justin Timberlake, funeral director Ken McKenzie is bringing sexy back ... to the death business. Inspired by sexy calendars featuring Chippendale's dancers and firefighters, McKenzie scoured the country for musclebound morticians for a calendar of his own -- the first of its kind. That was hard enough, he says, but an even bigger challenge was getting them to smile. "Our industry is so scared of what people will think," he said. "They say this is a serious business, and people expect funeral directors to be serious." Several of his models froze up when it came time to flash their pearly whites -- not to mention their rock-solid pecs -- and had to be digitally removed from the cover photo (pictured). McKenzie's graphic designer also "added a few abs and got rid of some flab," he admits. To order, go to www.menofmortuaries.com. $2 of each sale goes to benefit breast cancer patients who are in a financial pinch, in honor of McKenzie's sister, a survivor who found herself in just such a situation a few years back.