Name that funky wedding tradition

Ransom Riggs

Think you're ready for love, marriage and the baby carriage? Take our globe-trotting mini-quiz and find out.

TRADITION: "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ the _ _ _ _ _"
While my name has become synonymous with the happy institution of marriage, it was borrowed from a distinctly unhappy one: American slavery. Denied the right to marry legally, slaves improvised ceremonies with whatever they happened to have on hand. My tradition came to symbolize a couple's leap of faith, and is still practiced in many African-American weddings today.

TRADITION: "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ I N G"
Nothing like a little hard labor to get a marriage off on the right foot. This Italian custom holds that neighbors must set up a log, sawhorse and double-handled saw for newlyweds, who halve the log together. The thicker the log and duller the saw the better; its arduousness symbolizes the equally mundane tasks a couple will have to endure together throughout their married life.

TRADITION: "P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Y"
In Tibet, where for centuries a father and his sons could share the same wife (until the Chinese invaded in 1950 and put the kibosh on that kind of shenanigans), this custom was a matter of necessity. Thanks to prevalent female infanticide, there weren't a lot of women to go around, and because there wasn't a lot of arable land (read: food), P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Y kept the birth rate -- and the starvation rate -- low.

TRADITION: "A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WEDDING"
In Wales, a wedding procession would traditionally walk or ride to the church, with bride and her escort at the front gradually speeding up and away from the rest of the party as they approached. The whole party would then give chase, including the groom. In a twist on throwing the bouquet, whoever caught the bride would be sure to marry. Once the commotion of the chase had finished, the group would solemnly enter the church.

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1. Jumping the broom
2. Sawhorsing
3. Polyandry
4. A walking wedding

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