The NFL and next week's elections

Jason English

+Lynn Swann, former Steeler and owner of four Super Bowl rings, is running for Governor of Pennsylvania against political powerhouse and Democratic incumbent Ed Rendell. Swann is a long shot.

+Former University of Tennessee standout quarterback Heath Shuler has a good chance to become a U.S. Congressman from North Carolina. Shuler did not have a memorable NFL career, spending time in Washington and New Orleans.

+The current New Orleans quarterback -- Drew Brees -- is not running for anything. But his mother is. She's used photos of her son in her campaign for a spot on Texas' 3rd Court of Appeals. This did not sit well with Drew, and he's asked her to cease and desist. The two have been estranged for six years, stemming from a dispute over Drew not choosing his mom as his agent coming out of Purdue.

If you haven't picked your horse in the 3rd Court of Appeals race, don't let giving birth to a famous QB factor into your decision. "'If you don't know much about the election, vote for me because I know Drew,'" the son said of the mother's campaign. "And that is a shame because the political process should be decided on your credentials."