Contest: Be our "People's Tribune!"


The mid-term elections are almost upon us, and much as we hate campaign ads around here, we thought we ought to express our own support for democracy -- so for this week's contest, we're electing a People's Tribune. That's right, no goodies this week, but if you win you'll have the opportunity to be corrupted by POWER! Our People's Tribune will represent the readers; he'll tell us what he'd like to see more of on the site; he'll be the Marc Antony to our Roman Senate. So start campaigning in the comments section of this post, folks! We encourage outrageous slogans, unfulfillable promises, ambitious goals (lay out your free health-care plan for all mental_floss readers and you're a lock). We don't encourage:

1. Partisanship. This ain't that kind of website.
2. Slander of other candidates. The Vernon Robinson approach will win you no friends.
3. Bribery. However, feel free to buy lots of stuff from our store.

For the primaries (this week), we'll pick three candidates. The final vote begins on Monday!