Nine months at sea, and all they got was this lousy movie deal


The last guy to famously survive at sea for months on end was a Chinese sailor named Poon Lim, who climbed aboard a life raft after his British merchant ship was torpedoed by German U-boats in 1942. He drifted for 133 days, drinking the blood of seagulls -- among other things -- in order to survive, until he was spotted near Brazil.

Move over, Poon. You've got nothing on the Tres Pescadores -- as they're known throughout Latin America -- who drifted for 289 days after their 23-foot fishing boat was swept off course by a storm and ran out of fuel. Traveling more than 4,500 miles, they caught fish with their hands, drank rainwater and survived attacks by schools of angry orca. Originally Cinco Pescadores, two of the men died along the way and had to be tossed overboard. The three survivors were finally picked up by a Taiwanese boat in the middle of the Pacific on August 9th, and just a few days ago were paid $2.5 million by an American film producer for worldwide rights to their story. His company, Ezekiel 22, develops faith-based films, and the Hollywood adaptation of Tres Pescadores' story will focus on their thrice-daily Bible readings during their ordeal.