Show Off Your Smarts!

Will Pearson

We've had a blast getting so much great feedback from you guys on a few of our recent posts. The Big Idea and Lady Macbeth responses were especially helpful. It made me think that you guys might actually be pretty smart. But I thought I'd test you first. Here's the idea. I'm going to give you a topic (insert your Mike Myers "Coffee Talk" joke here) and your job is to respond in the Comments section with the most interesting fact you know (or can find) that's related to the topic. So for example, if I said the topic was automobiles, Mangesh would probably respond with a fact he loves about cruise control being invented by a blind guy (true story - Ralph Teetor).

The mental_floss crew will select our favorite facts from the list and share them in a post on Friday.

If this works, we'll all end up making each other so incredibly smart the world won't know what to do with us. But one last note before giving you this week's topic. Please reply with real facts. Don't reply with something you just think is funny but false. Your facts can be funny but please make sure they're facts.

Okay, so the topic for today: Movies

Now show off your brain power and make the rest of us smarter!