It's not a haunted house. Technically.


The Kircher Society, always up on the latest bizarre museums, today brings us "an extraordinary private home and museum in Seattle known as Steve's Weird House."

The virtual tour is jaw-dropping. Inside you'll find a mental_floss favorite -- a collection of two-headed animals, including calves, weasels, and goats -- as well as:

  • Wreaths woven from human hair
  • Exotic taxidermy
  • Medical Specimens
  • Antique coffins and carriers (adult/child)
  • Embalmer/mortician tools & tables
  • Thousands of autographed Science Fiction first editions
  • Hundreds of antique Erotica, Curiosa & Sexology books
  • Thousands of just strange/weird books
  • 13 foot tall Minotaur bust
  • 25 foot tall Rapunzel castle tower
  • 15 foot diameter formal fishpond w/ tiered fountain

And, of course, you'll also find Steve, who's pictured above -- apparently, he lives there. We can't imagine what it's like to sleep in this house at night.