Taking one page at a time

Mangesh Hattikudur

For those of you who can't play band music and turn pages at the same time, meet your solution: the Hammacher Schlemmer Hands-Free Sheet Music Library and Page Turner. Of course, the HSHFSMLAPT will set you back a little (actually, it'll set you back a lot, as in more than a grand), but check out what you get for your money. The tablet can:

  • store several thousand scores
  • display music on a backlit screen
  • be used as a metronome and pitch pipe
  • work as an audio player for your MP3's
  • comes with wireless capability
  • controlled by touch-screen or a foot pedal
  • and it comes linked to an online store where you can purchase over 85,000 scores (assuming you're too lazy to scan your own).

Pretty crazy. I think it's clear what every orchestra member on your list needs this Christmas, so start saving up already.