The Dance Dance Revolution Revolution


Hey kids! And geeky adults! American Inventor Spot has a handy list for you to use when your mom/wife/roommate starts heckling you about spending too much time in front of your Wii and not enough time in the gym -- video games that help you lose weight. We all know about DDR already, but my favorite is the prototype for Tetris Weightlifting: 

Break out the leg warmers and big hair, we're going back to the eighties for this one. Not since the graphing calculator has there been a better use of this wonderful game. The Tetris weightlifting system consists of two handles hanging from a steel frame. The handles have buttons on them that rotate the pieces to the desired position. To move the pieces left, pull down on the left handle. To move it right, pull down the right handle. And to move the piece down, pull both handles. The weights are held in buckets at the other end of the handles, so controlling the amount of weight you want is not a problem.

If only we could have convinced certain P.E. coaches to incorporate these into our high school, we could have aced that President's Challenge thing.