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Thingamajig Thursday: the peel

David K. Israel

It's Thursday folks, and you know what that means... Today I'm naming those long wooden thingamajigs bakers use to slide loaves of bread in and out of the oven. It's called a peel, and these days, they're more often spotted in pizza joints than anywhere else. In fact, that's exactly where I was standing when I finally stopped and thought to myself, I wonder what that thingamajig is really called, "˜cause until today, I always referred to it as a pizza paddle.

So why is it called a peel? Well, our word comes from pala, Latin for a spade, and, interestingly enough, the same root for our word palette. The Latin, in turn, stems from the Greek, spáthe, which is a broad, flat piece of wood.

As you probably already know, the broad, flat piece of wood we call a peel is often doused with flour or cornmeal so the baked items slide off them easily. But apparently the bread or pizza can still stick to the peel, causing all kinds of trouble in the oven, which is precisely why some genius went and invented Superpeel!

Fun With Bread -Snakes And More!.jpg
Fun With Bread -Snakes And More!.jpg /

From their website: "AT LAST! A solution for your hard-to-move dough creations."