I am a recent (and yes, late) participant in the text-messaging revolution, and increasingly I'm finding that there are certain words that are a giant pain to type. These are words that contain consecutive letters found on the same cell-phone keys -- which means that every time I hunt-and-peck one of those words, I have to wait an eternity between letters as the cell phone figures out that I'm done with each letter and not trying to change what I've just typed. So far the word that's driving me battiest is "flight," as well as other words containing the lethal combination of I-G-H. I've also just discovered that "mon" (as in "monitor," "sermon," or, if you're Jamaican, plain old "mon") is a killer. Are there any others you guys want to warn me about? And can we come up with some good alternate spellings ("flite" for "flight," I guess), please?