Giving new meaning to "Juvenile Hall"


Last month, Dallas County inmates started acting like two-year-olds -- well, exceptionally violent two-year-olds. They set fire to, and vandalized, the jail in a spectacularly colicky fit. So Sheriff Mike Rackley decided to redecorate in the same bratty spirit. The inmates' quarters are now pink with blue teddy bear accents:

"Teddy bears are soothing," [he said]. "So we made it like a daycare and that's kind of like what it is, a day care for adults who can't control their behavior in public." Eight inmates already have been returned to the jail, but they are confined to their cells 23 hours a day because of the construction and are "a little testy" because of the restrictions. "They haven't said much about the color scheme," Rackley said.

Next step: replace the soap-on-a-rope with No More Tears.

via Arbroath