Miscarriage of justice stumper: match the defendants to their charges

Ransom Riggs

The defendants:

The West Memphis Three

The Seattle Seven

The Birmingham Six

The M25 Three

The Cuban Five

The Chicago Seven

The charges:

A) Conspiracy to incite a riot in the wake of a violent protest at a Courthouse in 1968. One of the accused was Jeff "The Dude" Dowd, upon whom The Big Lebowski's titular protagonist was based. The charges were never formally settled: aided by an admission by government witnesses that prosecutors said they would "go to any length to combat the radicals," their case stumbled.

B) Being members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, and setting off two bombs in crowded British pubs that killed 21 and injured 182 -- which is 1974 was the deadliest terrorist attack on British soil until 2005's London tube bombing. All were convicted and served sixteen years in jail before they had their convictions overturned due to evidence-tampering by police.

C) Charged with -- and convicted of -- the brutal murder of three eight-year-old boys in Arkansas, in 1993. The defendants were teenagers who wore black, practiced Wicca and listened to heavy metal, and despite a lack of physical evidence linking them to the crimes, critics feel that intense media scrutiny and a so-called "Satanic panic" that was sweeping the nation in the mid-nineties led to their convictions.

D) A select few of the 26 counts brought against them by the U.S. government include: the use of false identification, espionage and conspiracy to commit murder. Translation: being part of an alleged spy group called the "Wasp Network." Amnesty International has called their treatment inhumane, and to date eight Nobel Prize-winners have asked the U.S. government to free them, including Desmond Tutu, Gunter Grass and noted Portuguese author Jose Saramago.

E) Conspiracy, inciting to riot and other charges related to violent protests that took place at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. During the trial, one of the accused hurled bitter attacks at the judge in court, calling him a "fascist dog," a "pig," and a "racist," among other things. The judge ordered him bound and gagged in the courtroom.

F) Multiple counts of robbery (highway robbery, we might add) and assault, and one count of murder for the death of a gay hairdresser who suffered a heart attack after he was tied up while being robbed. The men were jailed for ten years before an appeal proceeding revealed that the police had withheld evidence during the original trial.

Answers after the jump.

The West Memphis Three - C

The Seattle Seven - A

The Birmingham Six - B

The M25 Three - F

The Cuban Five - D

The Chicago Seven - E