The Best Phrase To Applaud Innovation Since 'Sliced Bread'

Jason English

"It's the best thing know what" has replaced its sliced bread predecessor as the go-to saying when praising innovation. This is lazy and this is a shame.

I'm not saying we should revive sliced bread. When we're done with a cliché, we should make a clean break. None of this post-breakup flirting. But we still need an easy way to shovel praise on something novel. Someone must invent a new phrase, and I'm not afraid to step up, accept responsibility, pass said responsibility on to our readers, and return to my recliner.

The-best-thing-since-the-imaginary- yellow-line-first-down-marker is (slightly) clunky. The-best-thing- since-Varia, Samus' special protective suit in Metroid, is (possibly) too obscure. You can do better. And we at mental_floss (or at least me at mental_floss) promise to use the best suggestion both here on the blog and in casual conversation. Put another way, the payoff is huge.

All this talk about innovation got me hungry. Off to Amy's Bread, where I plan to purchase a smaller portion of the larger loaf.  What a concept.